Tinkering in the UK

Jaime's Building a Beastly Drift Machine


We recently caught up with Jaime in the UK for an "In the Garage" session, as she shared with us a few things about her very sexy, S14A project.



Name: Jaime Skelding

Age: 24

Location: Birmingham, United Kingdom

Instagram: @Jaime_s14a


How did you first get into cars?

From a very early age, I’ve always been encouraged with the driving side of things from sitting on laps and steering, to doing the gear changes for parents from the passenger seat until I was tall enough to reach the pedals, then I was taken onto private land to get me going! Although I was encouraged as a youngster with the driving, unfortunately I was never brought up around the mechanical side of things so it’s not until recently that I finally went out and got myself a project after meeting friends along the way that are helping me learn as I go along.


What was your first car?

A 2001 K11 Nissan Micra, 1.0L  (It did the job, perfectly.)


What are your current cars?

Nissan 200SX S14A

2011 Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback Diesel (As the daily.)



Your Nissan is a great looking car, what have done to it so far?

I bought the car when it was almost a standard base model. It was advertised with a suspected turbo issue, which was factored into the price. Unfortunately, how rotten the shell was, was left out -- so one of the first big main jobs was getting the rust sorted in structural areas to get it safe again.


Due to the turbo being completely dead, it was sent off to be refurbished to a hybrid T28 specification. The chipping in the ECU that I’m running at the moment is a set stage 1A chip by Horsham Developments that is tuned for the my upgrades including; 3” free-flow exhaust (custom made),  Z32 Apexi free flow cone air filter, Walbro 255LPH  fuel pump, front mount inter-cooler, with a boost controller to achieve 17psi (Though I went for the innovate SCG-1 AFR and boost controller/gauge all in one. )


With this combo, it should be running about 280bhp with the modifications and tune, though with the uprated hybrid T28, it could be pushing that little bit more but I’ve yet to get it on a dyno.


As for the suspension, it’s lowered on Meister R Coil-overs with the front camber set at -4 degrees all off the top mount, as I haven’t got round to adjustable front arms just yet.  However I do have Hardrace adjustable camber arms and toe rods on the rear.  The rear took priority as due to body rot the OEM camber arms couldn’t even be aligned when I first purchased it.

Lastly the differential is welded,  the battery is relocated,  and she’s rolling on XXR551 wheels all with  9.25J, ET22 ‘s with 25mm spacers on the front.



That's quite an impressive build list, but we're guessing it doesn't stop there?

The interior has the back seats stripped out with a rear strut brace, Sparco R100 reclining bucket seats with TRS 4-Point Harness’ on Driftworks super low rails, plus a Nardi “Quick Release” wheel with D1 spec quick release.


The exterior has a custom cut out on the original bumper with Navan side skirts and a ducktail spoiler that’s been smoothed into the bootlid.  Plus, I'm still on the look out for a new rear bumper and spats.



Have you attended, or do you attend any type of car events with the 200SX?

Mainly Japanese focused shows unless local small meets.  The Japanese Auto Extravaganza is the main one of the year for me. Unfortunately due to my work pattern, unless I book it as annual leave, I never know if I’m going to be in work until just a month before -- so I can’t make plans to be at events.  Which this year, it’s been either too late to book, or sold out, or I’ve been working.


That's a bummer.  Work sucks!  That doesn't leave much time for planning.

Yes, the only other event I book of as annual leave is to make sure I’m there for the British Drift Championship, when the round is in Teesside. I have good friends up there and stay the week for that event.


The 200 has only seen a track event once so far back in May, which after experiencing how it handled gave me another huge list to get working on. Next year is the year for me to eventually get the car out there at track days.  I’m planning this winter to get all the niggles out of the way and finally get myself some all important seat time.



Is there any crazy moment you have had with your car?

Crazy would definitely have to be the 80-mile drive home after I first bought it. As the turbo was dead it was gassing anyone driving behind me, but also gassing us out inside the car, which was confusing.  Having the windows open was even worse. When it was stripped down, we found that the manifold bolts were that loose that was where the escaped fumes were coming from into the cabin.


Plus, it came with (and still has) an over-sensitive alarm with proximity warning chirps if anyone gets too close. These are two of the reasons she automatically got given the name Christine after the Plymouth Fury in the Stephen King novel. There have been a few more occasions where she’s lived up to her name!


What are your future plans, modifications, or events in you plan to do?

The immediate future will see a driveshaft change. As for the rest of future plans, cosmetic plans are when a good deals pop up (rear bumper and spats at the moment).   I would like to add adjustable front arms when I get to the point I need the extra adjustment -- which won’t be for a while yet!


Lastly, a hydro clutch install as the car will need to be driven to and from track days, so I don’t really want to waste the clutch. Future events will be mainly drift days at Santa Pod and depending how I get on there I’ll think about where else to go and play!







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