Time To Get SIRIUS


By Staff

GReddy's New Heads Up Display Gauge Series



Luminescent is the least of what can be described about GReddy’s new SIRIUS Heads Up Display gauge.  Designed with a thin-film electro-luminescent display, the intensely bright lighting allows the unit to be used as a HUD that overlays information from up to 9 available inputs including temperature, boost, oil pressure, RPM’s and more.


The GReddy SIRIUS HUD Gauge can display vital parameters, hold memory for the maximum values used, store warning points, alerts and more. Mounting the HUD it can be used individually, in combination with several HUD gauges, or combined with GReddy analog gauges with utilizing the required control unit, sensor and gauge extensions.


Exciting and bold, the GReddy SIRIUS Heads Up Display gauge is fresh look at what technical eye candy those car enthusiasts can expect to see more of in the future, but like other new products in the new product field -- there is a cost.  The single SIRIUS gauge retails for about $450, and then you’ll have the purchase the  $170 controller unit and $25 for each sensor harness.  Welcome to the future and a very empty bank account.






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