240SX "Rocket Bunny" Aero Kit


Muscle Car Looks in a Modern Package

Smash up Pikkachu with Vin Diesel and you get this; A retro-muscle car 240SX looking as if stepped out of 1965.  Thanks to Greddy, and their latest “Rocket Bunny” wide body kit, they’ve turned the screw and added all of the flavors of American muscle car flare to an agile Japanese lightweight.


Currently available for the Nissan 240SX S14 models (1994-1998), the “Rocket Bunny” wide body kit completely transforms the 240 by adding extreme features such as the most notable of items -- the nose-piece.


Which fuses ’69 Cuda-like styling and a shaved roll pan to add some serious muscle car flare.  Plus, there’s enough room to duct your after-market hardware to hang outside in the wind. Nothing says I'm here to party better than a massive after cooler hanging out front like an aluminum fanny pack.


   "Nothing says I’m here to party better than a massive after cooler hanging out front like an aluminum fanny pack."


To match the lines of the nose-piece, a new hood and font fenders are provided as well.  Though most renderings such as the ones shown here, flaunt this as a seamless fit, be forewarned that you’ll most likely need to spend some time meticulously lining up the body panels for a snug fit. Don’t worry – it’s worth it.


Lastly are the rocker panels and fender flares.  How else are you going to get your massive rubbers tires throwing rubber chunks under control?  The kit basically has everything you need to install onto your S15 and at the price of $4,380, this kit will make up the price in stares you get everywhere you take it.


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