“The Grand Tour” Episode 1, Season 2


By Adam Riley

From Grand Tour to Parked Car?



“We’re back!” Says Jeremy Clarkson. Yet again, launching another epic season of car juggling journalism by the dynamic trio.  In this day and age, Clarkson, Hammond and May could practically eat popsicles on stage for an hour and still sell viewerships.  But, there was little slouching for the inaugural first episode as the team fired up a new season of automotive chaos.


With a plot dedicated to the past, present and future of modern automobiles, all three hosts set off throughout the breathtaking countryside of Switzerland in three mechanically different machines.  With Jeremy Clarkson squeezed into a Lamborghini Adventador, V12 representing the past, James May sporting a Hybrid Acura NSX representing present, and Richard Hammond silently leading the pack in an all-electric Rimac of the future.


The team spilled out the usual antics and slapstick comedy within various scenes including using an alternate driving around through treacherous side roads, narrow cobblestone passageways through a historic city, an airstrip drag race and lastly, a history hill climb race, where at Hammond literally jumped the Rimac off the hillside resulting in a ball of flames and an airlift to the local ER.


But despite the near death experience, the show was changed up quite a bit, including that “The American” was removed, and there was not a new car test car scene with a pro-driver or either of the hosts.  There also was no use of the “Ebola Drome” race track.”  Which we can agree, was wicked facility.  Also, there was no mention of relocating the tent to various locations for each episode, which gave the show a fresh environment for each week.


All an all, the Grand Tour episode one was filled with banter and even a revised version of "The Celebrity Brain Crash," because the majority of viewers felt the skit was very awkward and replaced it with a normal race between two feature guests including David Hasselhof and an unknown race car driver.


With the season opener out of the way, it was certainly a good insight to what we’re in for this season.  But overall, the show felt very slimmed down.  Not by physical appearance, unless you’re referring to James May’s hair cut; but it was slimmed down by taking away the attributes that made the Grand Tour unique.  We can only be hopeful that more will come.


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