The Forza Porsche Pack


By Staff

You Can Now Rejoice



The agreement was settled.  The handshake was firm.  And now it’s time for all car enthusiasts and gamers to unit, because the worlds most iconic sports car brand has once again returned to Forza Horizon.  Loaded with an arsenal of models that will leave your tongue hanging to the floor, grab the controller and step on the gas, because Porsche is back.


For a low cost of $6.99 (USD), this will be the least expensive collection of Porsche models anyone can ever own.  With the pack, each owner will have the experience to sit behind the wheel and rip through the gears of legendary machines.  Subtly. Gracefully. Or chaotically jumping a grassy hill at 160mph to soar above the maple trees like an eagle.  At least the digital demise will be done in style.


Because with the pack, there are seven available models including;


2016, 911 GT3 RS

2016, Cayman GT4

2017, Panamera Turbo

1973, Carerra 911 RS

1995, 911 GT2

1955, 550A Spyder

1960, 718 RS 60


Plus, now is a great time to join others online and race, because for the rest of April, several online "Forzathon" events are offering prizes that include various models from the Porsche pack.  So either way get off your ass -- or on it, and join the party -- the Porsche party that is.






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