Hot Wheels Invades Forza 3


By Staff

Video Game Racing Reaches a New Level of Insanity




Forza Horizon 3 is though to be one of the most iconic and authentic driving games to date. But now the platform is spinning out of reality and into unimaginable game play with the new Hot Wheels expansion pack.  Officially debuted on May 8th by a live stream directly from Hot Wheels headquarters, the Horizon team lead an exploration of six newly themed islands located off the coast of Australia; all of which are connected by a network of Hot Wheels race tracks.


Within the islands, players will be able to re-live childlike Hot Wheels chaos by defying gravity on 100-feet tall corkscrews, jumps, boost pads, and there's even mechanical dinosaurs. Plus, players will be able to customize the tracks on-line with friends to create daring feats and custom challenges.


Lastly are the cars, because there’s no reason to have a Hot Wheels racetrack without the iconic styling of Hot Wheels vehicles. Players can choose from nine dreamlike vehicles including the historic “Twin Mill,” designed by Ira Gilford.


The line-up includes:


1969 Hot Wheels Twin Mill

1927 Hot Wheels Model T “Bone Shaker”

2017 Hot Wheels Custom Beach Buggy “Rip Rod”

2005 Hot Wheels Ford Mustang

2016 Jeep Trailcat

2016 Zenvo ST1

2017 Toyota Hilux Artic Truck AT38

2010 Pagani Zonda R

1972 Chrysler VH Valiant Charger R/T E49


For only $19.99 USD, this is a steal compared to the hundreds of hours in racing, building tracks, and defying gravity.  For complete details visit




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