Get Ready for Forza Horizon 4


By Staff

Here's What to Expect From the New Version


The most exciting series of any modern motorsport game is now releasing their 4th edition, and not only will the new Forza, Horizon 4 take players to historic Great Britain, there’s more features beyond just the beautiful European scenery, so here’s what to expect!


First and most noticeable will be the change of seasons.  That’s right, not only will the time of day to night and an occasional shower storm occur, but seasons will now change too.  Players will be driving through a mix of winter, spring, summer and fall.


The amount of cars will increase as well.  Currently, it’s listed as having 450 vehicles, but that’s not including the limited editions and other car packs that will be released in the months following the initial game release.



The Horizon wristband races.  No official information has been released about this, but in the teaser promotional video, it shows the driver wearing a yellow wristband.  This is reminiscent to the first generation game, where players could race for higher race passes to gain access to faster and more challenging events.


Motorcross dirt bikes are a new integration to the overall collection.  Which opens up a dirty new way to get out from behind the wheel of 4-wheel racing by hitting the outdoor landscapes and potential racing.






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