"A Subtle Attention Getter"

Movie fashion that works

Quorra - April, 2015

If you haven’t seen Captain America - “Winter Soldier” then not only are missing out on Sarlett Johansson’s character driving a very murdered out, 2014 Corvette C7, and the crazy hot action scenes, but you may have missed Scarlett sporting a very sexy brown leather motorsports influenced jacket.


Well you’re in luck. Because now you can now rent the movie online -- and you can pick up a drop dead look a like jacket, from, at a very affordable price.


Now I’m not saying that this is a jacket track material to save your ass in mess. This jacket fits a scene with Motely Crue jamming “If Looks Could Kill” while you step out of your car at the local meet night. Or when you slowly cruise by the line of parked cars, while tracker beams from googling eyes nearly burn of off your paint job.


Sound nice?


So there are a few key features to call out including a shell made from cowhide leather with a Viscose liner inside. Then there’s the classic feature of a Lapel style breast design with a belted collar, along with oversized buttons that lay on top an asymmetrical closure.


Simple enough. It’s sexy. Plus, Film Jackets has plenty more where that came from.  Of course I’m still waiting for a demo, so for right now I’ll keep it short and sweet.  So next time you’re out and about for fashion that obviously works, then check out Film Jackets at and don’t let your car -- be the only attention getter.


XOXO – Quorra



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