"Get a Grip While Looking Totally Hot!"

Bringing back a lost fashion

Quorra - April, 2015

Why is that leather driving gloves have gone to the wayside with modern day fashion? These skin-tight darlings are not only for function, but an accessory that should have never left our grip. So where can you be a fashion adopter and grab fresh modern styles to grip your wheel?  Look no further because has an assortment that will drive you wild.


The options range from an average of $35 all to just over $100, but aside from price, there are usually two common styles to choose from; the open knuckle and the open back. The open knuckle is that of which it’s called.  Exposed knuckles. Then the open back has an enlarged opening exposing the top of your hand. Lastly, there is full perforated and semi.  The perforations on driving gloves are to cool your hands to eliminate sweating while your dashing through the intense turns.  So some styles will have just a little perforation, while others are extremely perforated.


Most of the gloves offered at LGO are that of Italian lambskin which is a very soft yet durable leather material. When purchasing a pair, make sure that you have a good tight fit, due to the expanding and stretching of the gloves during their break-in. So don’t start off with a size too loose.


So what are you waiting for?  Stop looking plain and a grip on a simple fashion statement that’ll compliment your car, clothes and driving style!


XOXO  – Quorra




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