Chevrolet Chapparal 2X


By Adam Riley

A Laser Jet Propulsion Concept Car


If you haven’t hit the streets in the most recent version of the Grand Turismo video game, then you’ve probably never hear of Chevrolet’s concept vehicle, the Chaparral 2X Vision; a revolutionary interpretation of a futuristic race car.  Although partnering with the Texas based Chaparral nearly forty-five years ago, the 2X Vision is a no-rules design, with a test of exhilarating limits or automotive and aeronautical engineering.  The good news is, Chevrolet actually commissioned to build this concept.


As if the bodywork didn’t leave you drooling, the technology will make you feel is if this car is designed for Captain Kirk.  The 2X is powered by a mid-mount laser beam energy propulsion system, which pulses short beams of light directly into a shroud, creating shock waves that generate tremendous thrust.


Mounted with a 671 Kilowatt laser and a lithium-ion power pack, the 2X would be estimated to provide up to 900 horsepower worth of thrust, be capable of a 240-mph top speed, and in the video game, accelerated 0-60 in 1.5 seconds.



Of course siting in the SX isn’t quite sitting.  Imagine lying down on your belly, with arms and legs splayed out towards each wheel.  The 2X’s power and suspension systems were design around the human form, which enables progressive strategies of maneuvering and driver adjustable aerodynamics.



Overall, this car hosts a carriage of futuristic concepts, but keep in mind -- these are exactly what they are.  Concepts.  Currently our generation has not developed safe laser propulsion technologies of this amount power.  Just a 1 kilowatt laser can melt mild steel, and a recently developed 100 Kilowatt lasers are used as torches to melt metal into liquid – within just a matter seconds.


Although we will soon see propulsion technologies used for space and other exploration, we have a long way before this technology is integrated into our methods of daily transportation.  So for now, grab a game controller and “engage.”







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