Car Owner Stereotypes


By Staff

 . . . You Know Who You Are



We're all friends, right? Absolutely. We enthusiasts love cars. We all love the aspect of design, speed, horsepower and the thrill of modifying.  But we also love the fact, that it can be quite humorous to stereotype those who drive in the seat of another brand.  So without further a due, here are a few stereotypes of car owners.


And first on the list is . . .     Drum roll please.


Corvette owners.

Typically looked at as those who want a fast car, but do not have the knowledge to build one.  Corvette owners are typically older men and can be recognized by wearing jean shorts with a polo shirt, white socks and tennis shoes.


BMW owners.

This group is known to be filled with young arrogant drivers, or those who had keys handed over by mom or dad.  Aspects of this group can be identified by defunct driving habits on the freeways, cutting off other drivers for no reason and speeding through congested parking lots.


Dodge owners.

This group can be identified by the need to have large vehicles.  The bigger the better.  Typically scared of roadways that incorporate turns or road course facilities, these drivers can usually be found in packs together, parked in vacant lots.


Camaro owners.

For many years, the Camaro driver was identified as a "red neck," Caucasian male, sporting a mullet.  But that stereotype has subtly passed.  Modern Camaro drivers are identified by having a need for purchasing a cheap American muscle car, then making it as loud as possible.  Other characteristics include the need to install an LS1 Chevy motor into anything with wheels, including shopping carts, bicycles, and wooden carts.


Honda owners.

The juxtaposition of this group can be confusing.  On one side are young adults who spends thousands of dollars attempting to make a car extremely fast, but never realize it's not possible.  On the other side are the older adults who haven't come to terms with growing up and purchasing a "big boy" car.


 And we saved the best for last.


Mustang owners

Owners of this group have typically never owned a larger displacement vehicle.  This adrenaline high leads to a need to show off at car meets, rallies and street events -- thus leading to inexperienced burnouts and into random objects.  Mustang owners are known to crash in to parking curbs, trees, other cars, and more than often, crowds of people.  Proceed with caution when Mustang owners are leaving events.  Stand back or run away.







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