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Beth Ann of Clarity Auto Detailing


In the lucrative industry of detailing and paint restoration, we came across this lovely Texan who's stepped up the game for Clarity Detailing.  Step "In the Garage" as Beth shares with us about her role in this part of the car industry.


Name: Beth Ann

Location: Houston, TX

IG Handle: @duchessofdetailing, @Clarityhouston


How did you first get into cars?

My first three cars were Firebirds and my third had an LS swap, which at the time I didn’t know what that meant but I soon learned what I could do with that type of engine and since the rest of the car was sort of a beater and I didn’t have a lot of money I had to learn how to fix things myself.


How did you get into paint restoration?

My boy friend had been doing some hobby detailing and paint correction on vehicles for the local car clubs and one day I just ended up with a polisher in my hands working on a C6 Corvette. Once I saw what a difference the paint correction process really made in the overall appearance of a vehicle, I was hooked!



What is it like working in this portion of the industry?

For me it’s a constant “challenge accepted” moment. People tend to think that a woman in the car industry is more of a pretty face than a hands on worker but once they actually see my work and see that I can answer their questions with first hand knowledgeable answers I can see a huge difference in their demeanor towards me. Suddenly they are enthralled and can’t wait to hear more about how we can add the wow factor to their babies.


What are some types of cars you have worked on?

I work on everything from the most stripped out fox body grudge cars, to ultra luxurious cars like Rolls Royce and Maserati’s. We lean towards the higher end vehicles but my personal favorites are the high horsepower track cars that get really beat up before they come to us.


If you recall, what was the most difficult job/client you've overcome?

My first Bentley was very frustrating. The paint is very finicky and just wasn’t coming to it’s full gloss. I spent about four hours just trying different combinations of pads, speed, and different compounds/polishes, and every different polisher we have. I don’t remember exactly how I found that winning combination but it’s a good thing I did because after that first Bentley we had about three more roll in that month and now they are my favorite cars to work on. I can’t forget my little buddy though. My polisher is a Rupes Big Foot that I nicknamed "RupePaul." I vinyl wrapped it in pearl flat white and he and we've logged a lot of hours together, so it’s hard not to get a little personally attached to him.



How do you as a refinsher, stay ahead of the competition?

There are a lot of “detailers” in the world and each operate at a different level. We spend a lot of time hands on with each new product. As a company, we’ve decided that the only good way to find the best products is to use them on our own vehicles. If something isn’t at a quality that we’d use on our own vehicles then it definitely isn’t good enough for our family of customers. Above all, what sets us apart is our heart. Each car is treated as our own. Each customer is treated like family. We enjoy being on a personal level with our customers. We love seeing them succeed and upgrade and we hurt with them when they are down. The detailing industry is constantly evolving but the one thing that never changes for us is the importance of a personal relationships with our customers. Their happiness comes first.


Do you have any favorite product(s) that you particularly use? Or is that a secret?

Some of my favorite most "go-to" products come from a company called Shine Supply. The guys behind the brand are wonderfully helpful, full of knowledge, and put out some amazing products. Jeremy and his team are like the X-Men of the detailing world, and their compounds and polishes have, without a doubt, taken my work to the next level.


It looks like you're a model too. Tell us a little about that.

I’m most definitely not a model! But I've had the opportunity to take some pictures with a few vehicles that are very close to my heart. My most recent photo session was with a close friends Underground Racing Lamborghini. I nicknamed it "Rambo The Lambo." Rambo was the first high horsepower car I’d ever worked on. Obviously I can’t say exactly how much but there is . . . we like to call that “Houston Stock”.



What’s your current car(s)? And have you performed any mods to it?

My own car, on the other hand, is a Hellcat at heart, but more like a kitten in real life. I’m on my second Challenger. This one is called The Predator. He’s a 2016 Hemi R/T plus. His future upgrades include a cold air intake, a set of cut outs, and a full Xpel Stealth wrap to make him flat black and protect his paint. Our shop car, on the other hand, is a Boost Logic built 1200 wheel HP GTR. We call her "The Gitter."


Do you regularly  attended any car events?

Everyday at work is basically a car meet for me, but if I had to pick, I’m a big fan of Houston’s SpaceCity LX club though. There are a bunch of genuinely good hearted people in that club. They are full of knowledge and are always very welcoming of new comers. I’m confident that SpaceCity is made up of some of the most kind hearted people in Texas.





What are your future plans?

I’m not sure what my future holds. I accomplished everything on my bucket list about three years ago so right now I’m sort of creating new goals. Larry Kosilla from AMMO NYC is a big inspiration for me. Someday I’d like to be the Larry of performance cars. I’d like to be the person that takes Houston’s fastest cars and turn them into Houston’s most beautiful cars also. I really just enjoy working on cars that are truly driven and used to their full potential.



Thank you Beth! We really appreciate your time and all of the insight to you contribution to this awesome industry!


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