Corning 101


By Quorra

A Quick Guide to Faster Corners


Whether you’re out on the back roads for spirited weekend driving or planning to have a first attempt at performance driving at a road course; one for certain is -- it’s not always about how fast you are -- but how dynamic you are. And the best place to execute dynamic performance driving is in a corner.


So let’s chat about the apex. The apex is the closest point to the inside of a corner.  But a driver can hit the apex at different locations depending on the driving style, speed and corner type.



When hitting an apex, all professional drivers try to “carry speed,” which means slowing down as minimal as possible to carry momentum through the corner.  But in some cases, such as braking late or braking early, will cause the driver to hit the apex at different points, which may better tactic depending on the situation.


Braking late means holding out as far as possible while still carrying speed to hit the apex late in the corner.  Or what some refer to as “fast entry, slow exit.” Although this tactic will cause the vehicle to be slower exiting the corner, it can create tremendous opportunity in competition.

Example of late braking


Braking early means a slower corner entry speed, but allows the vehicle to pick up speed quicker due to having hit the apex early. Hence “slow entry, fast exit.”  Again, depending on the situation, this can create opportunities in competition and is used as a good defensive style.



Example of early braking



Of course, depending on the entry position, speed and traffic all will be variables in how a corner is taken. And as with any corner whether it be on the road or on the course, practice will always make perfection when it comes to cutting corners.






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