A Love-Hate Relationship

Angela Curry and her "Demon" Genesis



By Adam Riley


 A swoosh of the blow-off valve hisses as the Precision turbo spools down.  The exhaust tips exhale a raspy long-winded cackle as the black Genesis pulls in to the surrounding car show.  With glowing halo eyes still burning, the driver opens the door.  Sliding her tattooed leg out of the alcantara seat, her heel hits the ground.  She steps out exposing her light brown hair in sun and then walks around the car to lift the hood, showcasing the engine bay.  It’s a custom-built work of art.  But even with so much time invested, this Hyundai remains to be a love and hate relationship that Angela Curry keeps forging.


Sometimes we stumble into relationships and others aren’t so easy.  For Angela, the relationship with “Demon” all began at a Ford dealership.  The original plan was build a twin-turbo S550, Coyote Mustang.  So she special ordered one from her local dealership, which included the track pack, 3.73 gears, and the brilliant sparkling “Gotta Have It” green.


Unfortunately, she couldn’t have it and after six months of waiting, her excitement turned to frustration -- so she canceled the order.  Reluctantly, she gave in to purchasing a 2010, Mirabu Blue, 6-speed, BK1 Genesis.  Surprisingly it was love at first drive and she ended up naming the car “Gennyfer.” The roads ahead were paved with plans of modifications and track action -- until three months later, when a drunk driver sent “Gennyfer” to the junkyard.


 “I was dreading to find her replacement. I put my foot down on the fact that I didn’t want the new BK2 Genesis.” She said.  After months of dealership visits, traveling and scouring the Internet to find an exact match, she finally found a replacement about two hours away from her New Jersey hometown and immediately contacted the dealer to pick the car up.


“I was devastated.” She said. Upon arrival, the sales person discovered the car had been sold the previous night.  Frustrated and ready to leave, the salesman then pointed out to a far corner where a newer model, manual transmission Genesis sat.

“ . . . There it was -- this ugly little thing.  An OEM, red BK2, that was an RSpec. Not only that, but a red car with red leather . . . I immediately said no.”


Convinced to take the red BK2 out for lunch, during that drive Angela had a change of heart.  She says, “I gave into her ugliness and decided I could make her my own.”  So that day, Angela purchased the car and began mapping out her new build.



Nearly twenty-four hours later, the Genesis was mocked up with parts and strapped onto a dyno machine. With her skills as professional mechanic and body repairperson, there was no wasting time.  She started out with the basics such as the halo headlights, and a few performance mods, but it wasn’t long before the car was beginning to transform into the “Demon.”


Nowadays Angela is located in southern Florida and the “Demon” has a laundry list of modifications.  Starting out as a bone stock OEM red car with red leather seats, “Demon” is now slammed to the ground with H&R Springs, rolling on drag 6-spoke wheels and Continental Sport Contact 5PS tires. While the body was upgraded by adding ABS Dynamics H2 front Fenders, Gemini Carbon Fiber hood, Canament front bumper and then fully wrapped in 3M “Black Ember” vinyl.  The interior is upgraded to black with alcantara racing seats and matching accents.



The most recent project is the motor rebuild – a task that she knocked out in one day with the help of a friend.  She stuffed the 2.0-liter with K1 Rods, Manley Pistons, APR fasteners, CP-E Turbo Manifold, custom fuel rails, intake and topped off with a Precision 5858 Turbo system.  Plus, she installed custom fabricated intercooler piping and wastegate dump.  Lastly is the Pro EFI, engine management system, the first ever to be installed on a Genesis.


Needless to say -- it’s evil, and although the two have had no problem getting the attention of on-lookers at the local shows, lately Angela’s been spending most of her weekends on the road course. “When I first moved to Florida I was part of the Palm Beach Driving Club, where I was racing my car every week against everything from Miata’s to GT2 Cup Cars -- I loved it!”



But the action doesn’t stop there.  She says her modifications never are done and a new fuel system is definitely next on the list.  “Right now I’m running the stock system and my injectors are not happy!” She continued.  “I’ll soon be installing a return set up with E85 and 1000cc injectors  . . . after that I’d like to build a roll cage for her.”


Apparently the best is yet to come.  Despite the moody times “Demon” sometimes has, Angela says “When I get in the seat, it's a new adventure and it's always fun!”  This just goes to show that a love hate relationship -- isn’t always a bad thing.



Photo credits: Brandon RudichPhoto source: Top Speed & Doug Hale






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Feature Girl Details

Name: Angela Curry

Age: 24

State: Florida. Originally from New Jersey

Instragram: @NJDemon

Car: 2013 Hyundai Genesis

Car Name: Demon




Engine Mods:

Custom intake manifold

Custom fuel rail

Custom 3" aluminum intercooler piping

Custom turbo back exhaust with wastegate dump

Custom intake

Custom ATI fluid dampener

TiAL wastegate

TiAL Blow off Valve

CP-e turbo manifold

Precision 5858 turbo

K1 rods

Manley Pistons

ARP head studs

ARP main studs



Exedy twin disk clutch

Hydraulic Slave Cylinder



Gemini AR Carbon fiber hood

ABS dynamics H2 Fenders

Canament front bumper

Full color change to 3M Black Ember


Wheels and Suspension:

Drag 6 spoke wheels with continental sport contact 5ps

-19x9.5 with a 255/35/19

-19x10.5 with a 295/30/19

H&R Springs




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