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Andrea G's 2016 Mustang GT


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Photo credit: Kflecth photography


With nearly an inch of clearance between the rocker panel and asphalt, the deflated airbags tuck the bronze Vossen wheels up into the fender wells.  The sunlight beams off edges of the Shadow Black gloss paint as the mirrored reflections of people walking by, snapping photos and admiring the visual sensation of Andrea G’s S550 Mustang GT.


Before the car shows, one can say she’s was cultivated by a custom car mecca while growing up near Miami Florida, with her interests in cars beginning around the age of 9-years old.  “Everyday after school my older brother and I would walk over my uncle's body shop and wait to get picked up by our mom. Seeing how my uncle brought cars back to life made my inquisitive mind start wondering, so I slowly started to get myself involved.” She says.




Photo Credit: Kfletch photography


In her early teens, she began attending the Homestead Miami Raceway with her dad.  “My father was always a track addict participating in autocross events with his Porsche.  So eventually, I asked to go to the track with him and over time I began getting lessons.  That was the cherry on top!”  She says.  Several years later she finally decided to purchase a car to customize for show, and she opted for a 2016, S550 Mustang.


“I finally decided to pull the trigger after my uncle passed away in December of 2015.”  She says.  “He owned a black 1969 Mustang “Boss 429,” and it was his favorite car!”  So with inspiration from her child hood past, her new project began.


Like most of us, the first order business was the wheels. So not even a week after the purchase she ordered a set of silver Concavos CW12’s.  After that -- it was show time.  With help of local shop, she had the engine performance upgraded by installing a set of long-tube American racing headers, backed by a Ford Performance X-pipe and Corsa Extreme cat-back exhaust.



Photo credit: Richard Mason Hughes


To gasp the incoming air in a hurry, a JLT cold air intake system complemented by a Bama flex- fuel tune and E-85 conversion were installed.  Now with the new exhaust sound and power, it was time for the exterior -- which began with Andrea’s most exciting and visual mod, the 3P Airlift Performance air-bag suspension kit.


To complement the versatile new stance, a GT350 Front Fascia with APR Performance Front Splitter were added to the front-end, while a Roush Performance carbon fiber rear spoiler and Farmuh Performance 6-piece rear diffuser added to the rear.  Lastly she swapped out the Concavos wheels for a set of satin bronze, Vossen VWS3’s.


But the upgrades don’t stop there, open the door and you’ll find a custom Beith Performance carbon fiber steering wheel with red stitching, black leather BRAUM racing seats with complimentary red stitching and a touch screen system that resembles a NASA control booth; a 10-inch AIMTOM “Tesla” touch-screen control unit.


RacingPhoto credit: Andrea G.


Many can agree that Andrea’s car is a visual sensation and in fact, many did agree during Mustang week of  2017.   “Mustang Week is definitely the greatest experience I've ever had.”  She says.  “Not only was it an amazing event, but I was also extremely surprised with taking the ‘Best S550 Mustang’ show class. “Since then, her car has also won her the “Best Lady Driven” class at the 2016 Miami “Clean Culture” event, and “Best Lady Driven” at the 2017 “Fresh.n.Miami” event.


Though if you don’t have a ticket any time soon to a local Miami car even, you can check out her custom additions on her Instagram page.  From what she tells us, there’s a lot more to come.  “Right now, I like the simplicity of my car at the moment, but eventually I would like to get back to the race track!” She says  “Mainly so that I can push it to it's full potential -- and then supercharge it!”




Photo credits: #1, #2, #6 Richard Mason Hughes, #4, #5 Kfletch Photography, #3, #7, #8, #9 Andrea G.












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Name: Andrea Garibaldi

Location: Miami, FL

Instagram: @Andreeea_Gee

Vehicle: 2016, Ford Mustang GT



E-85 Fuel Conversion

JLT Air Intake

BAMA Tuned Flex-Fuel

American Racing Long-Tube Headers

Ford Performance X-pipe

Corsa Performance Cat-Back exhaust


3P Airlift Performance Suspension

GT350 Front Fascia

APR Performance Front Splitter

Farmuh Performance 6-piece rear diffuser

Roush Performance Carbon Fiber rear spoiler

Vinyl Racing Stripes


Vossen x Work 2-piece anodized Wheels

NT555 G2 NITTO tires


Beith Performance Carbon fiber/red stitching steering wheel

AIMTOM Tesla Screen 10.1" Unit

BRAUM racing seats red stitching




Vossen Wheels

NITTO tire

Blackvue Dashcams

Adams Polishes


BRAUM Racing

AIMTOM Navigation Products




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