5.0 Barbie

This Instagram Sensation Chats About Life in the "Stang Lane"


We had an opportunity to chat "In the Garage" with Instagram car sensation "5.0 Barbie", Katy Landry.  She gives us a bit of insight about her and her Mustang.


Name: Katy  Landry

Age: 26

Location:  Beaufort, SC

Instragram: @5.0_barbie


How did you first get into cars?  I was born and raised in Russia. Growing up around my grandfather he was big into cars so he was my influence into cars, racing and such. So ever since the age of seven I have been hooked on them.


What was your first car? My first car was a CLK 320 Mercedes


What made you decide on a Mustang?  Growing up in Russia I seen mustangs on TV and I always dreamed of having one, especially a convertible.  At the age of twelve, when my family moved to the USA, that dream was a lot closer then before. Finally, when I could actually get one on my own I bought a 2007 GT. It was stock but I loved that car! It was dream come true. After that I was hooked on Mustangs.


What’s your current car? My car now is a 2015 5.0 Mustang, S550.




What modifications are done to your car?  She currently is lowered with Eibach sport springs, a cold-air intake, custom tune, after-market strut tower Brace.  Plus, I set her up with a true dual straight pipe exhaust. Lastly, I have been adding custom vinyl wrap accents.


We noticed your vinyl wrap seems to be inspired by green. Any reason behind that?

As for green on my car it's in memory someone dear to me passing away always wanted green. Plus ,I'm in love with all things green so it was only natural!



What type of driving are you into?

I always liked speed, an adrenaline junkie some may say so I love drag racing.



What are your future plans, modifications, or events in you plan to do?

I have big plans for her, such as Whipple supercharger along with building up suspension more and trying to get more into racing scene.


Can you leave us with any thing else about yourself?

I'm a mom and a military wife, but I still follow my passion for cars and never gave up no matter what obstacles are in front of me. I'm a just a car chick that loves cars!


Photography Provided by Sara Crimbring, Collideinscope Photography





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