2018 Ford Mustang


By Adam Riley

A Teaser of What the Pony Car is Packing

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Mustang enthusiasts are in a split decision about the aesthetics of the new platform S550 Mustang.  With a few teaser images dangled out for the media to find, it wasn’t long before the wildfire of comments lit up the internet.  Shortly after, Ford officially announced the changes to its global rocket ship.  But of all the new changes, the most anticipated is what the horsepower will be.


Road and Track Magazine pointed out some very interesting information about the images of the gauge cluster.  Ford Motor Company communications representative Mike Levin recently tweeted “Did you find the 2018 #Mustang Easter eggs in the all-new 12-inch digital Cluster?”  So let’s take a closer look.



Notice the mileage is on the odometer is set at 1964.5, which is the first production year for the Mustang.  Next is the fuel range of 289.  This is the cubic inches of the first V8 launched in the Mustang.  Then there is a large four and fifty-five.  Are you putting it all together?  R&T editors believe this will be the horsepower of the new 5.0 power plant.


Leading to this conclusion is very logical.  With a new higher compression motor and the fuel injection being changed to direct port, placing a solid tune on top this combo should the already 435hp up another twenty horses.



But this isn’t the first time that automakers have teased consumers before the official launch.  What’s next is the following image.  Check out the seven and fifty-five.  Could this be a reference to an all-new, higher horsepower GT350?  Guess, we’ll all have to wait and see.





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