2017 MX-5 RF Targa


By Adam Riley

Mazda Finally Completed What We All Wanted

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Long gone are the days of cute front-end memes with smiling grill shells and popped-up headlights as painted eyes. The Mazda Miata has recently been restyled into the edgy new MX-5.  But this year, another leap has taken place.  One that has never been seen before; the MX-5 will now be offered in a hard top version dubbed the MX-5 RF.


With a click of a button, the back a pillar and rear glass section raise up to let the targa mid-panel quickly slide into hiding – and instantly you’ll be exposed the outdoor wonders of brisk nighttime skies and panoramic wonders.


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But don’t hold your breath to drive your new MX-5 RF off into the sunset. Sources state, the first production wave of only a 1,000 units will first be offered to select group of individuals. Then once dealers get their hands on the new commodity, the targa feature is estimated to gain at least another 3-5k on top the average 32k price tag.


Though for enthusiasts, paying upwards of 38k for a roadster Miata isn’t anything to huff at. A hardtop is the feature we’ve long been waiting for on a Miata.  Not only does the hardtop give the car a badass, “Z4-like” appearance, but it will also raise the bar for Miata street cred, by breaking across the lines of those who are convinced that; “convertibles are for girls.”



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