Widebody Demon Hellcat!


By Adam Riley

#2576@35  . . .  What's This All About?

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The Dodge Challenger isn’t known as the most agile car when it comes to cornering. But you have to respect the company is sticking to their guns about making beefy straight-line horsepower muscle cars. That’s why the new 2018 Hellcat Demon is stirring the pot, because just around the corner in March, is the final unveiling. But Dodge has slowly been leaking out information to show us that a wide-body Demon is in-store.


First are the teaser videos on  The first video launched shows an up-close view of the Demon’s rear tire spinning, then the camera transitions overhead as the car launches.  Left in place are two extremely fat black marks.  Not only is this an indication, but also several leaked photos display the tire size markings, which point to a wide body.



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Next is a recent video of Vin Diesel hosting a wrap-up speech for the upcoming “Furious 8” film.  Placed next to him, are two Dodge Challengers. During a quick camera pan to the right, the Demon logo is exposed on one of the vehicles; the one with the wide body flares.


Lastly is the  photo of the Hellcat Demon’s rear view. The massive rear tires stick out from under the rear and the fenders are accented with flares, thus confirming the new wide body design.   But what is going on with the license plate #2576@35 ? Everybody in the industry is trying to figure it out.  From supercharger displacement to monthly payments. It's a mystery that even the pro's haven't figured out.






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